Estoi Milreu

Estói is an enchanted historical village hidden in an Algarve that doesn’t match the ideal of beach, tourist resorts and golf. This small, yet rich, location that sits a few kilometres from Faro, has just one of those attractions that you could, better, should not miss! If you’re passing by (and if you’re not... try to), make sure you find your way to see the Milreu Roman Ruins.

With approximately 12000 visitors a year, this national monument was once home for an agricultural exploration, also made of a rural residence. This residence, initially small, kept growing and growing. Big landlords came to Estoi and started building big houses, luxuriously decorated with tiles and marble that can still be seen today. The only inconvenient about this place comes when we are talking about disabled facilities. Although there are ramps for wheelchairs, their movement around the archaeological site is very difficult.
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